Erlotinib 100 mg | Erlotinib 150mg

Erlocip-100 is a tyrosine kinase inhibitor type of medication that contains the active ingredient erlotinib.Certain type of cancer cells growth is being prevented as protein epidermal factor are interfered with activating enzymes that acts as a barrier. Treatment using these tablets can be done to treat NSCLC(Non small cell lung cancer) and also the Pancreatic cancer that has so far spread to nearby tissues of affected organ or other parts of body and this drug can also be effectively used with other ongoing medications as well.

Having a good experience,knowledge of the diseases and continuous discussions with Quality Assurance teams of MNC manufacturers, we are delighted to help so many customers by offering Erlonat 150 Mg Tablets.Erlotinib drugs are manufactured  in strict quality control with current adherence to medical quality measures & latest technology using quality raw materials of drugs. NSCLC (non-small cell lung cancer) & Pancreatic cancer are amongst several other types of cancer for which Erlotinib is used. We can provide this drug at best lowest price and high quality with an efficient time of delievery.